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This year’s Mixology Competition sees competitors work against the clock with rounds designed to test key skills, creativity and service standards.

Competitors will:

  • Produce two serves of a signature cocktail (5 minutes)
  • Produce two serves from a pre-published list of eight classic cocktails (Moscow Mule, Tom Collins, Long Island Iced Tea etc) from the judges choice on the day

This year all equipment, ingredients and glassware are supplied, so competitors will not need to bring their own.

The competition is open to all levels and is an opportunity to demonstrate skills and talent.

Our judges will offer written feedback to all entrants. 

This year's competitors
Adam Campling - University of Chester
Ciobanu Bianca Ilona - Imperial College London
Petruta-Lacramioara Gisca - Imperial College London
Gary Easby - Keele University
Natasha Vahey - University of Birmingham
Lionel Smith - University of Chester
Chloe Drew - University of Exeter
Luke Charlton - University of Leicester
Nicolas Berasain - University of St. Andrews

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