Launched in 2024, the TUCO Foundation was created to provide subsidised education opportunities for staff working in the public sector, charitable donations to global causes, and networking opportunities. It is the charitable arm of The University Caterers Organisation.

Subsidised training via the TUCO Academy

The TUCO Academy provides training opportunities for all those working in public sector - not just those in the catering department. The Foundation offers grants for employers to allow subsidised training for their staff. The Academy can deliver this training to your business, or conduct e-learning. We also provide study tours - educational trips to various locations to study best practice - and free-of-charge allergen and food safety training. 

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Charitable donations and surplus food

The TUCO Foundation provides donations to charities across the world whenever its trustees see the need. As such this will improve the lives of many communities around the world. When TUCO holds events, any surplus food is donated to shelters in the local community. 

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Events and Research

The TUCO Foundation holds a Competitions event for chefs, baristas and mixologists across the public sector, and a Winter Conference where keynote speakers are invited to hold talks across a variety of topics.


The Trustees for the TUCO Foundation are listed below:

Matthew White MBE (Chair) - Director of Student Experience and Education, The University of Reading

Phil Rees-Jones - Director of Campus Services, Cardiff University

Mike Haslin - CEO, TUCO

Annabel Hurst - Head of Catering, Conferences and Events, Cardiff University